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Sofia Dinger [PT]
Uma canção para ouvir-te chegar
After what happened, I can't continue to speak exactly the way I used to. I can't and I don't want to. I want to make the differences clear, to testify that things matter. That, sometimes, we really don't know what to do with our voices. So many days will pass between what I am now writing and what will eventually be read that when we get there (you, me, the dead man, the saint, the ghosts, the friend, and the mother), we'll all be so different that this little text may well be a lie. I can't promise anything. I know only that I have listened to a lot of music, because it consoles me.
(As if, (my love), a song could never be forgotten.)

Sofia Dinger

Portuguese artist Sofia Dinger has divided her time between the Netherlands and Portugal for two years. She was invited by Alkantara to participate in the 1Space project and travelled to Ramallah, Kinshasa, and Durban. She met Palestinian artist Rimah Jabr, now exiled in Canada, with whom she maintains a correspondence. Uma canção para ouvir-te chegar germinates from this and other distances. From the other as a ghost. Or how absence can be a presence.

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May 24–26

Thu → 21h30
Fri, Sat →19h

Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Running time
60 min approx.


Age guidance

In Portuguese and English


Sofia Dinger is a graduating student of the Master's program in Theater at DasArts, Amsterdam. She has created and performed in Grande Ilusão (Temps d'Images, 2014), Nothing's ever yours to keep (Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, 2011), Noites Brancas, with Paula Diogo and Mónica Calle (Festival de Almada, 2013). As a performer she has worked with Mónica Calle, Blitz Theatre Group, Sara Carinhas, Rui Catalão, Teatro do Vestido, Francisco Salgado, among others. In film, she has worked with directors like Leonardo Mouramateus, André Lage, Paulo Menezes, and Pedro Filipe Marques. From 2015-17, she participated in the 1Space project, in which she travelled to DR Congo, Palestina, South Africa and met Faustin Linyekula, Jozef Wouters, and Tony Chakar, among others.

Concept and performance by Sofia Dinger
Co-created by Rimah Jabr
Artistic collaborator Rodrigo Amado
Lighting design Daniel Worm
Sound design Tiago Cerqueira
Uma canção para ouvir-te chegar, verse from Podendo servir de posfácio, a poem by Mário Cesariny, 1981
Produced by Alkantara
Coproduced by Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Alkantara
Artistic residencies Forum Dança, Teatro Municipal do Porto
Supported by Dasarts

With support from 1SPACE/Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Alkantara is funded by República Portuguesa - Cultura | DGArtes - Direção Geral das Artes
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