© Simon Gosselin

© Simon Gosselin

Antoine Defoort [FR]
Un faible degré d'originalité
Un faible degré d'originalité ('A low threshold of originality') is a lecture-in-progress on the thorny issue of intellectual property in the field of artistic creation. It will be developed through serious efforts of rigor and documentation, tempered by a few thematic digressions, more like a Sunday afternoon with friends than a law school seminar. The idea is to draw up an inventory of the legislation and history of copyright and joyfully brainstorm about the issues and societal implications at hand. Roughly speaking & to summarize, my goal is to ensure that this lecture is: 
- rigorous 
- clear 
- and nevertheless a bit thrilling. 
It should be noted that the area of intersection between these characteristics is quite narrow.

Antoine Defoort

Antoine Defoort is perhaps the most dadaist creature wandering European stages today. Over the last eight years, Lisbon audiences have been able to follow (insofar as it is possible) the meanderings of this restless mind, in performances such as &&&&& & &&&, Cheval, and Germinal (and, tangentially, Il y a des règles!). Defoort uses and abuses humor to destabilize the status quo, never shying away from big questions. In Un faible degré d'originalité, he takes aim at the concept of artistic property. Or what The Umbrellas of Cherbourg might have to do with Kendrick Lamar.

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June 6–7

Wed, Thu → 19h

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
Sala Estúdio

Running time
75 min


Age guidance

In French, with Portuguese and English surtitles


Antoine Defoort tries to maintain a good atmosphere and a high level of porosity between his seasonal whims, life, as in real life, and contemporary art. He therefore often finds himself struggling with blatant contradictions that are either proudly assumed or shamefully hidden through the use of mind-numbing non-sequiturs and wild digressions. Failures and accidents are welcomed with open arms and create a crispy granularity particularly appreciated by connoisseurs.
Reflects, draws diagrams and talks loudly Antoine Defoort
Takes care of the project’s production and weaves plans Marion Le Guerroué
Anticipated and solved technical problems Robin Mignot
Tested out ideas Mathilde Maillard
Playwrote (from the verb playwrite) and tergiversated Julie Valero
Designed and built a remarkable pulpit Francis Defoort
Did handiwork Sébastien Vial
Coordinates projects Marine Thévenet
Kept reflection alive and put things in perspective Julien Fournet
Draw up contracts, write statements and many other things Kevin Deffrennes, Margot Vouters, Camille Bono
Wrote an article about the succession of Maurice Ravel Irène Inchauspé
Unwaveringly supported the project Le Vivat
Production l’Amicale de production
Co-production Le Vivat – Scène conventionnée danse et théâtre d’Armentières, le phénix scène nationale Valenciennes pôle européen de création / Le Centre National de la Danse (CND, Paris) / Bit Teatergarasjen (Bergen, Norway) / le CENTQUATRE (Paris)/ le Beursschouwburg (Brussels, Belgium)
Support Le PianoFabriek (Brussels, Belgium)
Promotional support French Institute
Translation and subtitles Joana Frazão
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