Le Kombi de Jeannot Kumbonyeki cancelled
We're very sad to inform you that, due to insurmountable visa problems, the performance of Le Kombi by Congolese choreographer Jeannot Kumbonyeki, planned for May 31 and June 1 in São Luiz Teatro Municipal, will not take place.

Alkantara has opted not to replace Jeannot Kumbonyeki's performance. Instead we will use the time available, ias part of the triple-bill with Flora Détraz and Jozef Wouters, to show a video testimony by Jeannot Kumbonyeki and have an update on the situation in Congo. We do hope you will gather around this empty chair with us and hear what there is to say about the unimaginable despair of a nation.

For further information please contact São Luiz box office
213 257 650/1

More information about the performance