Knowledge-base for performing arts

The Knowledge-Base for performing arts (TKB) is a dynamic and open-ended resource to support the creation and documentation of contemporary performances in the format of a digital “archive of processes”.

Our aim is to gradually compile in an interactive “Transmedia Knowledge-Base” the newest creations of national and international choreographers, directors and performers. It was created for all artists interested in sharing their creative processes, working methods or finished pieces in the performing arts field.

In the Knowledge-Base each artist can upload multimedia materials in an autonomous and self-curatorial way and also chose how they want to appear connected with other artists by indexing tags to their own material.

TKB is coordinated by Carla Fernandes and is hosted by FCSH at NOVA, with the collaboration of FCT-UNL and was funded by Fundação da Ciência e Tecnologia and the Europeana-Space project.


Speakers: Carla Fernandes and David dos Santos.

Conception and Direction: Carla Fernandes
Interface Design: Urândia Aragão
Programmers: João Santos and Javali open source systems
Assistant Grantees: David dos Santos, Sílvia Almas and Liz Vahia
Acknowledgments: Nuno Correia, Rui Horta, João
Fiadeiro, Stephan Jurgens, Thomas
Walgrave, Teatro Viriato, Alkantara Festival and all the artists registered in the Knowledge-Base.


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