Faustin Linyekula

The Dialogue Series: IV. MOYA

Dancer Moya Michael was born in South African under a political regime in which the color of your skin determined your rights and aspirations in society. To be or not to be of color in Johannesburg means something different than in Kinsangani or Brussels. With an imaginary jukebox, Moya Michael shares her questions, choices and concerns in an accompanied solo, vulnerable and honest, disarming in its simplicity.


Artistic Direction Faustin Linyekula
Performance Moya Michael
Music Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens, Franco, Abdullah Ibrahim, Joachim Montessuis
Production Studios Kabako – Virginie Dupray
Coproduction KVS Theater

Part of the biennial Artista na Cidade 2016

© Photo Agathe Poupeney


São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Main Hall

SAT JUNE 4 - 9pm

SUN JUNE 5 - 5.30pm

Running Time - 60min

For ages - 12 and up

12€ and 15€

In English and French with Portuguese surtitles

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