Radouan Mriziga


55, as in the 55 minutes of an architectural performance based on the number five and measured to the scale of the dancer’s body. 55 is a perfect example of how this dancer and choreographer from Marrakesh, trained at P.A.R.T.S., has transformed his hybrid influences into a unique and personal dance vocabulary, situated between sobriety and sensuality, conceptualization and physicality, structure and sentiment.

Radouan Mriziga uses his own body to create a pattern on the floor that is a materialization of the relationship between anatomy and space. Here the rationalist conceptualization that less is more is not incompatible with the esthetic and emotional delight associated with ornamentation.


Concept and performance Radouan Mriziga
Assistance Alina Bilokon
Acknowledgements Team of Moussem, Alina Bilokon, Youness Khoukhou, Christophe Du- puis, Bart Meuleman, Steven De Belder
Production Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre
Coproduction C-mine cultuurcentrum, WP Zimmer Com o apoio de Kaaitheater, Cultuurcentrum Berchem, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats,
STUK Kunstencentrum, O Espaço do Tempo

Com o apoio DNA / Programa Europa Criativa da União Europeia


São Luiz Teatro Municipal e Jardim do Torel

Jardim de Inverno

WED JUNE 8 and THU JUNE 9 - 7pm

Running Time - 60min

For ages - 12 and up


Jardim do Torel

SAT JUNE 11 - 7pm

In the framework of Festas de Lisboa 2016

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